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  • Hike Oregon
  • Hiking Ramona Falls

    The Pacific Northwest has enough beautiful waterfalls to keep you entertained for a lifetime, but Ramona falls and the hike up to it are truly unique. This hike has a bit of everything. An incredibly impressive rock wall of waterfalls, a gorgeous up close view of Mt. Hood and enchanting dense forests. All this and […]

  • Morocco
  • Guide to Chefchaouen

    In the last few years, this small Moroccan mountain town has experienced a boom in tourism due to its beautiful blue tones being shown on Instagram – to be honest I hadn’t heard of it before seeing it on Instagram, but know I’m so glad that I did! Isn’t it funny how social media can […]

  • Montenegro
  • The Best Things to do In Kotor

    Kotor was named one of Lonely Planets best places to travel in 2016,  but honestly when I visited in February 2016 it felt like a secret! Sam and I were often the only people in a restaurant and there were no crowds filling the gorgeous narrow alleys of the old town. Though this drastically changes […]

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