25 best travel moments of being 25

1. Scuba diving

Easily one of my favorite travel moments to date. I conquered my fear of fish getting caught in my hair and I am so thankful I did!

2. Seeing Draculas home

Still bummed I didn’t see a ghost though.


3. Visiting a hash farm in Chefchaouen

No explanation needed.


4. Not getting in a motorbike accident/major illnesses/lost baggage

Sometimes the greatest moments are when things just go right.


5. Shopping for skin care in South Korea

I am not so secretly obsessed with Korean beauty products, it would be easy to spend thousands of dollars shopping here!


6. Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Elephants have always been one of my favorite animals. Appreciate their beauty and don’t ride them!




7. The architecture of Morocco

Visiting this beautiful country has been a long time dream of mine, beautiful details are EVERYWHERE!

8. Temples in Bagan

Bagan is a magical place and I will never forget watching the sunset over the hundreds of temples.

9. Drinking in church in England

England has the best pubs, that is all.


10. The beauty of Bali- and food!

A 7 course tasting menu for half the price of the Western world.


11.Being the only people on Koh Chang

I hated this in the moment, but now I look back with fond memories. There were NO people on this island and hardly anything was open!


12. Hiking Smith rock

Oregon has so many different landscapes and hikes. My next goal is to actually go climbing here!


13. Eating all the Asian food

The best food you could ever imagine for just a few dollars

14. Skiing in Romania

I LOVE traveling to cheap countries because where else can you get a lift pass, 2 hour lesson, ski rental and beers for less than $50?


15. Traveling truly solo

I have traveled solo before, but I always meet friends along the way. 25 was the first year I traveled a few times completely independently, and I must say I LOVE it!


16. Paragliding during jelly fish season

Being dropped into a sea full of jellyfish is a great adrenaline rush


17. Beach front buffets

Sam and I have no shame in our buffet game. Vietnam offers AMAZING beach buffets – with unlimited wine!!


18. Moments at home

Cheesy but true, I am abroad most of the year so moments at home with my family do feel like a relaxing vacation


19. Hiking to the fortress in Kotor

This was another travel experience where I felt like I had the whole city to myself. Sam and I didn’t see a single other person on this beautiful hike.


20. Living like a local in Budapest

I love this city! Everything about it is just cool. The bars are great and there is so much to do. I spent a month in a half here and I could easily see myself staying there more long term.

21. Exploring the Singapore airport

An 18 hour layover was a great excuse to briefly see the city and play in the coolest airport I have been to. They have a butterfly garden!!


22.Getting to know monkeys

I could watch the monkeys plan in Ubud all day!




23.Road trip through Romania

Driving through the country side of Romania is like stepping back in time. I had to swerve out of the way to avoid horse drawn gypsy carriages multiple times!

24. Sleeping in the Sahara

This is something I have always dreamed of and I made it happen this year. Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara was a wish come true.


25. Riding the Hai Van Pass

The most beautiful stretch of coastal road.


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