7 Reasons Why Brasov is the Perfect Place for Digital Nomads

1. Great wifi

Did you know Romania has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world?? This came as a shock to me, but the internet is great! At our Airbnb we had a download speed of 100 MBPS, and the cafes around town were equally as fast! This is much better than the usual 30 MBPS in other European cities.

2. Romanian is Manageable

I always said that Romanian language looks like ‘Czech French’. Romanian is a Romance language and with an unimpressive 1 year of French under my belt I could actually manage to read enough on a menu to know what I was ordering- usually. Not to say that this is an easy language but you will see similarities to other more commonly spoke Romance languages. But you may never need to pick up a Romanian-English dictionary because…

3. Almost Everyone Speaks English

The level of English in Brasov is so high! Cafes, restaurants, shops..everyone we encountered spoke great English! I found that Romania doesn’t have many menus in English, but all of the waitstaff we met in Brasov were very kind and always helped translate.

4. Year Round Stuff to do

Brasov has snowy winters and hot summers, what could be better!? The nearest ski resort, Poiana Brasov is only a 20 minutes away from the city center and offers great skiing- and it is so cheap compared to skiing in Western Europe! In the summer there are tons of forests and hiking trails around to explore. I was in Brasov at the end of snowy season so I got the best of both! I went skiing one weekend and hiking in a t-shirt the next!

5. Great cafes

One of the best parts of working online is choosing where you want your office to be for the day! Brasov has some of the best cafes I have been to, and many to choose from. Since a drink won’t cost you more than $4 in Brasov you can sit in a gorgeous cafe and drink good quality coffee all day while working. For a list of the best cafes in Brasov see this post

6. A lot to See Around.. But Slowly

Brasov is located in the Transylvania region, which is full of beautiful castles and medieval towns. While you can get around by public transportation it is SLOW. I highly recommend renting a car when taking a weekend trips. For your perfect weekend road trip through Transylvania check out this post.

Some great day/weekend trips from Brasov are:


-Bran Castle


-Peles Castle


-Corvin Castle

7. Cheap Cost of Living

Romania is by far one of the cheapest countries I have traveled to. Food, beer and entertainment and all inexpensive! Our Airbnb for a month was $500 USD and that got us a place right in the beautiful Old Town center. Groceries for a week cost maybe $40 and going out for coffees and beers is cheap too. If you are on a fairly small monthly budget, like me, you can live a nice life in Brasov and still put some money away at the end of the month!

A few extra great things about Brasov

-You can find a decent selection of international foods in the supermarket in Coresi Shopping center

-Uber is available! Sure it’s not a big deal but it’s very cheap and so nice to not have to worry about being ripped off!

-Brasov is a fairly small town and most everything you want to visit will be within walking distance

-Also because Brasov is a fairly small town, people recognized and remembered me and Sam everywhere we went! It gives the town a nice community feel.

-Cinema Patria plays free (usually classic) movies every night

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