elephantspringsHello! I am Alana, a travel lovin’ Oregonian. My first taste of travel was at age 21 when I studied abroad in London. Since then I have visited 23 countries and lived in 3 countries. I’m a fresh air addict, I love being outside hiking or on the beach or downing drinks at a beer garden.
I would call myself a tryer of everything but a master of none. I love starting new projects and hobbies but I usually start the next one before I can finish anything! My travel bucket list is huge but my top 5 countries I want to visit now are:
1. Columbia
2. India
3. Kenya
4. Portugal
5. Israel

Why 50 North 14 East?

These are the coordinates of Prague, one of the most important cities to me. It is where I first moved abroad, where I met Sam and many amazing friends and found the best beer on Earth!