• Morocco
  • Guide to Chefchaouen

    In the last few years, this small Moroccan mountain town has experienced a boom in tourism due to its beautiful blue tones being shown on Instagram – to be honest I hadn’t heard of it before seeing it on Instagram, but know I’m so glad that I did! Isn’t it funny how social media can […]

  • Montenegro
  • The Best Things to do In Kotor

    Kotor was named one of Lonely Planets best places to travel in 2016,  but honestly when I visited in February 2016 it felt like a secret! Sam and I were often the only people in a restaurant and there were no crowds filling the gorgeous narrow alleys of the old town. Though this drastically changes […]

  • City Guides
  • Prague Pub Guide

    Everyone has heard about Czech beer. It’s arguably the cities pride and joy, and honestly it lives up to the hype. It’s plentiful, strong, cold and most importantly – cheap! An average half liter in a pub will set you back 32 CZK, which is around $1.30 or £0.90. Don’t be shocked when they bring […]