Life Update and 2017 Travel Plans

This post is about a month late, but as usual the year is flying by already. 2017 kicked off in one of the cities nearest to my heart, Prague! This was my second New Years in Prague, drinking Svijany and dodging street fireworks. I was temporarily crazed by my love for the city and briefly considered returning, but then a bitterly cold day brought me back to reality. Czech winters are harsher than my liking. After an amazing week with friends, Sam and I returned to England and had a pretty quiet month. Every week we had a new idea of where we would go next, but the one consistent problem was that I cannot stay in the EU for more than 90 days on my tourist visa. Since I want to stay until June, we had to get creative with a place to live, most countries in Europe are indeed in the EU!

We finally set our sights on what seemed like the perfect solution. A country with beautiful nature, a coastline, mild winters, and not in the EU…Montenegro! We did almost no research but decided to make our base in Kotor, a beautiful medieval town by the sea. We left for the airport in England at 4 am and by noon we were in Podgorica. I have seen some small airports but this was almost comical. We landed in a field with a small runway and everything on the tarmac was being carried by small red tractors, passport control was one man who barely looked at me and then we were in the tiny building that is Montenegro’s biggest airport!

From the airport we splurged and got a taxi straight from the airport to Kotor, 2 hours away. We got all settled into our beautiful Airbnb right in the center of Old Town, everything seemed like it was going as smooth as possible! Until…the internet. Sam and I both work online and it is our only source of income while we are traveling, so it is extremely important we have fast and stable internet. The fastest download speed available in Montenegro at the moment is 7 MBPS, we need at least 20!! After just 4 hours in the country we realized we couldn’t stay here and we would need to immediately find somewhere new to go. How sad is it that the internet is driving us out of such a beautiful place?? Now we needed to find a country to stay in that is not in the EU AND has amazing internet? Does such a place exist? The answer is…Romania! Apparently Romania has some of the fastest internet in Europe! The capitol, Bucharest has an average download speed of a lightning fast 95.18 MBPS! So this week, after less than a week in Montenegro we are off to another new home. We don’t have a lot of set travel plans for 2017 but here is the rough outline

-2017 travel plans-

February: Montenegro for a few more days until we take a train to Serbia then to Romania! Our time in Romania will be spent in Timosora, Bucharest, and mostly in Brasov. We can’t wait to visit Bran Castle, the home of Dracula!

March: We will still be based in Brasov but we want to take as many weekend trips as we can! Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldova are the closest countries for us to visit, but I’d love to fly down to Greece for a weekend,

April: Probably start the month in Romania but my big goal and travel dream for 2017 is to spend a few weeks in Morocco! It has been calling my name for so long and I can’t keep putting it off while I am on the side of the world. I would like to spend at least 3 weeks there, but I am not sure about the internet speed! If anyone has done online work in Morocco, let me know what it was like! Ideally I’d want to spend a week in Chefchaouen, a week in Marrakech and some time out in the desert.

May: Back in the EU to enjoy the beginnings of Summer! I’ll have 90 days on my tourist visa and I want to use them!  We would like to spend some time in Italy, Portugal, and The Netherlands.

June/July: Wrap up Europe- maybe end in Ireland and go home to Portland! I haven’t enjoyed summer in Portland since 2014 and it is the most beautiful and perfect place during the summer in my opinion.

July-September: USA, USA! I have been to far more countries than I have states! I’d love to see more of the US, this summer. The south appeals to me the most, I just loooove Southern food. Road trip this summer? Possibly!

September-December: This far in advance I cannot tell you yet! I want to spend the Holidays back home, but if we want to be together, Sam and I have to be creative as usual.

Stay tuned for more plans and please recommend any must see places!

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  1. Haylee says: Reply

    Good luck at your new home! Love your plans, keep blogging 🙂✈️ X

  2. Andrew says: Reply

    This is awesome. We loved Brasov on our trip and I could definitely see myself living there. Have you been through their winter yet? Best wishes and so envious!

    1. says: Reply

      Yes we stayed there at the end of winter in February and March. When we first arrived snow covered everything, but the time we left we were wearing shorts! When were you there?

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