Prague Pub Guide

Everyone has heard about Czech beer. It’s arguably the cities pride and joy, and honestly it lives up to the hype. It’s plentiful, strong, cold and most importantly – cheap! An average half liter in a pub will set you back 32 CZK, which is around $1.30 or £0.90. Don’t be shocked when they bring you a beer with around 2 inches of head – for Czechs this means that the beer is fresh, they think that American and British beer is stale…

Pilsner Urquell is like water to Czechs (beer is actually cheaper than bottled water) but in our opinion there is much better options out there.

If you like beer, walking into a pub is like discovering Aladdin’s cave. Our favorites include Bernard, Svijany and Ryctar. Though for cheap drinks before a night out we would always get a 1.5 liter bottle of Gambrinus for 28 CZK.

Just when you think you’ve tried every brand of beer that Prague has to offer, you will find that often every type has an unfiltered or unpasteurized version. These are extra yummy but proceed with caution; unfiltered beer hangovers are deadly.


Something pretty unique to Prague are the sprawling underground bars that stretch on under the streets. They are labyrinths filled with live music, smoke and free flowing beer. No trip to Prague is complete without visiting them. A year spent in Prague is not even enough time to try all the bars!

Maybe one of the most popular is U Sudu (Vodičkova 677/10). The entrance is an unassuming one, and if you’re not careful you could walk right past it. When you find it, trust us it’s not as small as it seems. Walk inside and go straight to the back and turn right. Walk down the stairs (mind your head) and begin to explore all the different alleys and bars that are down there. Don’t worry if you get a bit lost – it happens to everyone.

Another favorite is Vzorkovna (Narodni 11). If you’ve never visited this place, you will have to be brave to walk in, the stairs are steep and pitch black and only sometimes lit with candles. Like U Sudu, it is quite easy to miss, but if you see a door that’s open, with no lights – you’re in the right place. After you slowly get to the bottom of the stairs you will enter a huge space with lots of different rooms, with tasty unfiltered beer being served in Jam Jars. They often have great live music, table football and you definitely won’t miss the giant Irish Wolfhound that walks about down there!

Naplavka is our favorite spot in the whole of Prague, maybe our favorite drinking spot period. On a sunny day, there is no where better to be than on the banks on the Vltava river, dangling your feet over the water (swans nipping at your toes), sipping on an ice cold beer, watching the sun set behind Petrin Hill. Take the tram to Palackého náměstí station, cross the road, down some stairs to the river and walk toward the people. Take a seat at one of the many tables or find a spot on the waters edge. As always the beer is cheap and fantastic, though we recommend their house IPA (a rare find in Prague) Flying Horse – slightly more expensive at 50 CZK ($2.06), at over 7% alcohol content, it will be sure to have you saying Nazdravi well into the night.

U Medvidku (Na Perstyne 7) This is a great choice if you are looking for a traditional Czech beer hall style. It has been brewing beer since 1466!! It is also HUGE, but always seems to be busy. They brew beer onsite and also have bottled beer. As soon as your beer is done they will bring you another fresh glass and keep a tally mark of how many you have on a small scrap of paper. Those tallies will add up quick! Just be sure not to lose the paper.

Shadow Bar (Křižíkova 134/58) is a place that is a little out of the centre, in our old stomping grounds of Karlin. The bar itself is standard fare but what makes it special is the great rooftop terrace that opens in the summer. The beer is served in frosted mugs and goes down a treat in a really relaxing atmosphere. Plus they have a great selling point – cheap, great, customizable burgers grilled right in front of you, helping you soak up all that Czech beer.

BEERGEEK (Jiriho z Podebrady Square) Need a break from Pilsners? Beergeek has 30 craft beers on tap making it one of the best selections in town.

Pivovarsky Klub (Křižíkova 17, Prague 8) Another bar with an amazing selection of beer and pretty good food! It houses 6 different taps changing weekly and bottled beer from all around the world. It stays busy and loud, make reservations if possible!

Beer Gardens

Letna  (Prague 7) – If you haven’t had your fill of beer yet (lets be honest, you haven’t), then you should take yourself to Letna Beer Garden and enjoy arguably the best view of the city that Prague has to offer. Set in beautiful Letna Park, the vast beer garden is set up on a towering hill that lets you look out over the Vltava river, Prague’s many bridges, and the red rooftops and buildings that make it Prague so magical. Letna Park itself buzzes with activity during the Spring and Summer with picnics, games and smiles and is a great place to stroll through after enjoying a drink or two.

Reigrovy Sady  There are two beer gardens at Reigrovy Sady (Prague 2), that offer markedly different experiences. One overlooks the city and the leafy district of Vinohrady and is a great place to watch the sunset. The other is much more popular and although it doesn’t share the same charm as its counterpart, it has a much more up beat atmosphere. Conveniently located near The Tavern Bar it has a giant TV screen which is used to show any and all sporting events – especially hockey! They also have a stage used for live music. There are more relaxing places to go, but if you want to feel like a Czech local, find out when the hockey is being shown – grab a  beer and get ready to shout!

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